Looking for a WebFace Lift

We will be working soon on offering all of our clients a major change without seeming to change (for those who are not comfortable with such a thing) on our web page. Mobile is here to stay… can you imagine being without your phone for 24 hours?
This world has become so incredibly intimate with their smart phones. We dress them up, we carry them with us to the bathroom, we find leaving them behind like leaving our pants behind – just naked without them!
Soon we will be offering a full mobile site to those who only visit us via tablet or phone. I just hope I can bring my “A” game to the plate for you. If you have input as to what features you would like, please leave a comment below and we’ll try to accommodate.

In other news, recently we replaced our obstacle course with our new barn/slide/basketball inflatable. We like to keep it fresh for the kids and now they have a bouncer and more to enjoy! Here are some photos of the new barn.


For those who were unaware, we also introduced a new “soft play” area for the littlest ones. They just love it!

Our Thursday Family Night/ Pizza Night is becoming quite the place to be in town. Where else can you go to let the kids (and you) play and run and get totally tuckered out and dinner is served while you have fun? It’s just $30 for 2 adults, 2 kids and reservations can be made anytime via phone or email. Parents departing are always saying how nice that they know now their children will be in bed fast asleep moments after they go through the door at home. Reservations times are any time between 3:00 pm until 5:30 pm on Thursday evening. Call us at (925) 228-2028 or drop an email.

Spring is fast approaching, unfortunately without much rain so far. We remain hopeful that our drought issues will be lessened by some refreshing spring weather. Don’t forget, if you want a specific time for your birthday party, you should call at least a month or more in advance. Our Junior Farm Party is quite a hit but weekend availability is limited.


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