Live Long and Prosper

In honor of one of my favorite people, Leonard Nimoy.

You know, this job I have is just plain great. For this, I have my wonderful daughter to thank. I get up and walk out my door knowing at some point, probably at multiple times, my job will have me smiling during my day. Don’t get me wrong, that alarm clock still holds much disdain. It’s just not as hard as when it was set for 4:30 am and dark outside. As if humans were really meant to get out of a snuggly warm bed during what seems to be the middle of the night.

My joy begins when our first kids come through the door all bright eyed and running to the cubbies to deposit their little shoes in great expectation of jumping. Mom’s and Dad’s, Grandma’s and Gramp’s, or Nanny in tow, carrying snacks and accouterments for their little adventure, all seem appreciative of our “like home” atmosphere.

It's a Princess Chair!

It’s a Princess Chair!

I am often asked if the noise gets to me, but truthfully,  I love it. The squeals and laughter are fun. This is the most stress free environment I can imagine! We dance to the oldies and crawl on the floor, slipping off our shoes at times to race with the kids down the slides. More smiles.

20150108-DSC_1627 20150110-DSC_1672Snacks are enjoyed in the picnic area with more joy and our parents are so good at busing their tables, my job is little more than a bit of sweeping and wiping. As the families exit, with sleepy eyed munchkins, we get the often and much appreciated “Thank you” to which we respond, “Have a great nap!” And yet, more smiles. Don’t get me wrong, it is a lot of hard work. Mostly the cleaning to make sure we are as germ free as you could be with kids in and out all day. The work is good. It shines when you are done and smells so clean. I always see the result of our labor which I suppose is key to wanting to do a great job.

A fascinating new study by University of Kansas psychologists that will soon be published in the journal Psychological Science indicates that, in some circumstances, smiling can actually reduce stress and help us feel better.

“The next time you are stuck in traffic or are experiencing some other type of stress you might try to hold your face in a smile for a moment,” said Sarah Pressman, one of the researchers. “Not only will it help you ‘grin and bear it’ psychologically, but it might actually help your heart health as well.”

Read more:

I count my blessings every day I get to go to work and smile. I have been on the other side of the pasture with the grumpy cows, trudging off to a job without the affinity I feel for this thing called #bouncefarm. Yes, the upkeep is hard work, but the rewards are great. Perhaps, like Mr. Spock, I will live long and prosper.


RIP Leonard Nimoy. Other than a winning lottery ticket, a Tribble would be a fine thing.
🙂 (Smiley Face) \\//,


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