Yay! Wednesday Rain!

I know that we should all be so concerned about the lack of rain for our water supply, but on a business level, we are much more successful on days that the parks are not so welcoming due to inclement weather. In other words, we are slammed when it’s rainy outside! Having opened our doors September of 2014, we have now gone through two winters of little or no rain. Come on… what’s that about! If nothing else, it surely makes us appreciate the rain.

20150311-DSC_2101 20150311-DSC_2105 20150311-DSC_2112 20150311-DSC_2113 20150311-DSC_2115

Today was the definition of a rain appreciation day. Not only is it our regular “ToTT Time Wednesday”  (see Open Bounce on the website for details) but it dropped a precious .10th of an inch last night. The parks are wet, it’s clean and dry in here, so… Yup, the parking lot was packed! Hilarie of HHHints.com, listed today’s Meet Up here for ToTT Time plus our regular weekly families, plus those looking for a dry and safe place for their little ones to burn off some of that energy filled our facility with giggling, squealing, and laughing until they had just flat run out of gas.

On a day that would have been a great success, the rain gave us a grand success and we do surely appreciate that! The long range for the week looks like 80’s and sunny so it will be short lived. We will take what we get and hope for a wet end of the month or maybe a wet April. I have given up on the Farmer’s Almanac which used to be so accurate. They must have an intern running the forecasting department this year. It’s a long way from FA’s “Heavier than usual rain” in January to Meteorologist’s “the driest January on record”. For whatever reason, Mother Nature has blasted the East Coast with blizzards and the West Coast with beach weather this year. We only hope we still have some time to get wet from the skies and therefore move into appreciation mode again soon.


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