Birthday Stars will Shine Brightly


The warehouse full of tomato flats. Amazing sight and my granddaughter says they smell like waffles.

Soon, we will have the new photo boards on display. Pat has been working diligently ala Pinterest to get the new photo boards with all the Birthday Kids organized and ready to adorn the walls of the #bouncefarm.  You see, for every private party we have here, you get a matted 8X10 portrait of your birthday star, guest of honor, or group shot. These have been on display on the walls in our dining area but have become too numerous to hang. We have been searching for an alternate way of showing off our Stars.

About a month ago, a woman posted in one of the sales pages on Facebook that she had some old tomato flats for sale. Having perused the pages of Pinterest for ideas to display photos at the #bouncefarm, we thought this might just be the thing. A trip to Cordelia brought us these incredible 100 year old moldy, dried fruit smeared flats. My son-in-law thought I might be crazy but he effortlessly helped me pick out 12 of the best we could find for condition, color and structural stability.  My husband just shook his head when I got home with the load of pallets. He is getting used to my “Re-purposing Habit”. Right?


I used one of my husband’s special made scraper tools and hand scraped piles of these dried and moldy squished tomatoes off before cleaning with a brush.


The color of the wood was awesome after cleaning!

So off I go to clean and scrub these treasures. Scraping was way more work than I thought and the removal of the “schmutz” was easier. Don’t hate me for pressure washing… I used as little water as possible and did it on my lawn so all of the run off went to a good purpose. Besides, I have already decided the back yard will soon become a desert so, my sprinklers are off for the summer.


Some but not all had this blue powdery mold which had to be washed away. This was the easiest and quickest step in the process.

I leaned them up to dry in the sun and have been bringing them one or two at a time to work with me to begin the process of “mod podge ‘ing”  almost 200 photos from our parties in a hopefully chronological order. The first board is done and it took 72 photos. So now I just have 2 more to go and then? Well, I got 7 of the wide slat style flats so, let’s party on!


My stack of completed panels. So much could be done with these!

Please come in soon and don’t forget to check for your child on the Birthday Stars board. Wherever it may end up hanging. You see, that’s my next big decision!


One more coat and it’s done!


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