Never Underestimate the Power of Free Listings on Craigslist

Last Friday during a particularly quiet moment at the #bouncefarm, I spotted an ad in the free listings on Craigslist. I immediately posted to the owners, “Want! ” and beat subsequent takers of a wonderful, very large board with our farm scene and holes for little faces to be photographed. You know, the kind you might see at the county fair or a petting zoo.

This is what we brought home. The

This is what we brought home. The “bones” were very good, it just needed love.

20150824_155203 20150824_190229 20150825_162056 20150826_190156 Long story short,  my husband and I took straps and tools in my truck on Sunday and brought it home. This was built for a 1 year old birthday party with particle board and vinyl stickers. It sat outside for a month and the sticky on the vinyl had started to peel so, it was not really useable in it’s current state.  I saw the diamond sparkling beneath and put my all into a full restoration. Today is Wednesday and we put the finishing touches to the paint as the light of day faded. All the vinyl is now gone, replaced by acrylic paints and, of course the #bouncefarm logo. We added some touches here and there and all that remains is to seal the paint and build the brace to begin to see all of our bouncer’s grinning smiles through the holes. Of course, my grandkids, the original #bouncefarmers were first. Come on in and see the final product! Don’t forget your camera or phone because you are going to want to take a picture!

The first #bouncefarmers!

The first #bouncefarmers!


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