DIY at the #bouncefarm

As we are a certified Green business, we try to re-purpose and make good use of things otherwise meant for the landfill. We started this business three years ago as a dream. A goal of having a fun, safe and clean place for the kids in our area and the surrounding communities. Now, sitting in my office – we call it command central – writing this blog, I am smiling. Looking out the window to our lower jump area, I see kids sliding, jumping, playing air hockey and laughing. I know they think it’s just a giant playground but it is so much more! Moms and Dads can watch from comfy benches or join in the fun and get in some exercise for a bonus. It’s a happy place and I am proud to be a part of making it so.

I have always said it is a work in progress. And so it is. Most recently, upgrade to our lighting with an Edison chandelier in the coffee bar area and our lovingly restored and repurposed 100 year old barn door turned counter. So, in honor of the work that has been done and the work to come, here is my Pinterest* worthy blog update. From the beginning…


Donated furniture was rusty and in need of repair and cushions.


We wire brushed, sanded and painted and cut wood bases for the seat and then covered them for our reception and seating areas.


Garage sale finds! It was a good day.


Craigslist find was vinyl sticker scene but peeling off, so we just hand painted the scene onto the wood.


Lockers from the scrap yard. $25 and a couple of cans of paint and some old fashioned elbow grease.


Emily and Dorothy working on our murals. Notice the fencing for our picnic area., thanks to Jason.


100 year old tomato flats revised as our Birthday Star Gallery

As luck would have it, we are a crafty bunch to start with but this endeavor was beyond our DIY previous experience. It is fortuitous that we live in an age of the internet. What we didn’t know was at our fingertips in a plethora of posts. We discovered Pinterest. Not really sure if that is good or bad as we have become the people who stop someone at their driveway asking, “Are you going to junk that?” The key to DIY is to only do a maximum of two projects at a time. One is better, but unrealistic in my mind. You can gather materials and thoughts for additional projects but don’t start until you finish the others.

Other than the murals on our walls and fencing for our dining area, most of the original elbow work was floor painting and prep work to open the facility.

Once this was accomplished, we started on our continuous beautification plan. We wander today about this warehouse turned playground and are astonished by the numerous found furnishings we have transformed. From the lockers to the shelf which holds our cups, these items began this incarnation as broken, rusty and bent.

Our latest effort is in preparation of opening some kind of snack area for daily customers. You are always able to order a pizza from Pacifica any time you visit. We make a special offer on Thursday from 3- 7:30 for a dinner special we call Family Night Pizza Night. It includes a 1/2 Pepperoni, 1/2 Cheese pizza and 2 entries for just $30. Our families come in, bounce for an hour and sit down to a hot, freshly delivered pizza, eat, wash up and bounce until the end of their two hours! We are also working on a daily snack offer, but for now, we are just gearing up. Here’s a look at some of the projects we have worked on to make our upcoming cafe part of our bounce home.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When we are full, we will have to find more space to design and construct! We do have such fun! Not just being a super cool play space, but making it feel so homey and comfortable for all of our parents, grands and nanny’s! We love our kids here and all we do is with their best interest at heart. Please, if you have not been, come on over and check us out.


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